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Venture Through The Great Outdoors With Us On Your Next Trip To Central Florida

Countless outdoor activities are available to soak in as much warm weather as possible while you're in the Orlando area. From kayaking in Orlando to visiting one of the state parks for a hike or picnic with your loved ones, there's something for every nature lover to indulge in here.

At Venture Outdoors, we focus on keeping our tour groups small so you can be fully immersed in the natural beauty of Central Florida on a hike or kayaking through stunning hundred year-old cypress trees and around hanging Spanish moss.

Join us on a leisurely trip down the Wekiva River or Emerald Cut at Rock Springs Run when kayaking in Orlando, or follow our expert guides into the natural habitat of Central Florida's local wildlife for an amazing hike you'll never forget.

One of our most popular experiences is the Manatee Discovery Kayak Tour, where we take you out on the water to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Not confident with watersports just yet? Sign up for our kayak and SUP lessons, and you'll be a pro at navigating the water in no time!

Kayaking in Orlando

Orlando Kayaking Tours

Drawing a heart into the bioluminescence.
1 hour 30 minutes
Group Size
3 to 10

Florida Bioluminescence Kayak Adventure

Get ready for a breathtaking adventure with Venture Outdoors' bioluminescence kayak eco-tours, the closest to Orlando, located just an hour away in the Indian River Lagoon and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. These tours offer a magical nighttime experience where the waters come alive with glowing microorganisms called dinoflagellates (pronounce /dī-nō-ˈfla-jə-ləts/). As you paddle through the bioluminescent waters, each stroke of your kayak and movement of marine life ignites a stunning blue-green glow. Operating during the warmer months from June to October, when the bioluminescence is at its peak, Venture Outdoors' tours promise an unforgettable natural spectacle.

Join our tours and embark on this must-do adventure, experiencing the unique beauty that awaits just a short drive from Orlando.

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Manatee hugging the kayak while being photographed by the delighted paddler.
2 hours
Group Size
2 to 10

Manatee Discovery Tour

Make close contact with these gentle and lovable creatures in one of the largest winter gathering sites for manatees in Florida. Hundreds of manatees make Blue Spring State Park their winter home during the colder months, and some stay around all year.

Join us for a kayak tour through the active waterways of the Blue Spring State Park area! Nature surrounds this area on every turn and we often witness alligators and turtles sun-bathing on the shore. A variety of birds, big and small, call this area their home, which makes spotting bald eagles, ospreys, red-shouldered hawks, and other wading birds a common occurrence. With a little luck, we will encounter the occasional river otter swimming in the river.

This tour is perfect for families and wildlife enthusiasts.

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2 hours 30 minutes
Group Size
2 to 10

Wekiva River Kayak Explorer

Embark on a wildly fun family adventure with our Wekiva River kayak tour, just 30 minutes from downtown Orlando! The Wekiva River, one of only two National Wild and Scenic rivers in Florida, awaits you with its outstanding beauty and exciting surprises.

Paddle through the captivating landscapes of the Wekiva River, exploring the Seminole State Forest and the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Brace yourselves for the possibility of spotting bears along the way! It's a real treat for the whole family, adding an exciting element to your adventure.

Get ready for a wildlife extravaganza! Depending on the season, you might encounter manatees, alligators, turtles, otters, deer, and even bobcats. The skies above are teeming with Eagles, Osprey, Ibis, Limpkin, and a symphony of Woodpeckers. And don't forget the charming bears that might make a surprise appearance!

As you paddle, marvel at the vibrant riverbanks adorned with Orchids, Bromeliads, Spiderworts, and other exquisite vegetation. Our knowledgeable guides will keep the journey light and entertaining, sharing fascinating facts about the ecosystem and the history of this unique river.

Midway through the tour, take a break for a refreshing swim – a perfect way to cool off and add a splash of excitement to your family adventure. Join us on this eco-friendly, educational, and downright delightful journey along the enchanting Wekiva River!

Couple of kayakers enjoying the callenge of the Blackwater Creek.
3 hours
Group Size
2 to 6

Nature Escape Kayak Adventure on Blackwater Creek

Join us on our exclusive Blackwater Creek kayak tour, where adventure meets solitude in the heart of Seminole Forest!

As the only authorized tour operator for Blackwater Creek in the Seminole Forest, we offer a unique chance to explore this hidden gem which has been featured in several survival reality shows.

Embark on a 3-hour journey through the pristine wilderness of Blackwater Creek, led by our expert guides. With small group sizes of maximum 6 people, our tours provide a personalized experience, rich with opportunities to learn about Blackwater Creek's ecosystem.

Paddle on this gentle river so secluded and peaceful it's highly unlikely you'll encounter another soul allowing you to immerse yourself completely in nature's embrace. You will likely encounter wildlife such as alligators, turtles, Florida black bears, various wading birds and more. The route varies based on water levels, ensuring each trip is unique.

This tour fills up quickly due to high demand and limited space. If you're ready to escape the crowds and discover the untamed beauty of the Old Florida - the REAL Florida - then book your adventure today and get ready for an unforgettable journey.

3 hours
Group Size
2 to 5

Lake Norris Explorer Kayak Tour

Lake Norris is a spectacular darkwater lake and is one of the oldest cypress swamps in Florida. The shoreline of the lake is ringed by “dwarf cypress”, which give the lake an out-of-this-world appearance. One of the special highlights of this property is its high concentration of osprey nests. More than 100 active nests have been reported in the cypress trees that ring the lake.

A habitat for many animals and birds, this property expands the Florida black bear corridor. River otters, alligators, turtles, and various types of snakes call this place their home. While weaving between and through cypress trees many of these animals and birds can be observed.

Join us on this magnificent experience featuring one of Florida’s most beautiful, hidden, and unheralded places. This is a Disneyland for nature lovers!

This is an exciting 9-mile out-and-back guided tour.

3 hours
Group Size
2 to 8

Emerald Cut Kayak Adventure

This crystal clear run is a paddle into the past, through land still as it was when the Timucuan tribes inhabited the area. Truly emerald in color this section of Rock Springs Run is a breathtaking natural beauty. It winds through lush jungle-like nature, sand pine scrub, and pine flatwoods. The area is rich in wildlife and it is possible to see turtles, alligators, river otters, white-tailed deer, black bears, fish, a variety of birds, and more.

This is an out-and-back paddle. The first part your guide will lead you upstream over and under trees and through the twists and turns of the river until you reach the bridge at Kelle Park. At this point, you will have a chance to jump into the crystal clear river to play and/or to refresh yourself. Afterward, we let the current take us back to the launch point.

Why choose us?

Why We're The Unique Option For Kayaking In Orlando

Kayaking at Orlando state parks and public waterways doesn't have to be expensive or stressful ordeal. We hire only the best guides in the industry for our all-inclusive hiking and kayaking tours, ensuring they have the proper training and certifications to ensure a safe and memorable trip. So, not only will you have a knowledgeable guide to lead you to hidden gems like Rock Springs Run and dark cypress swamps, but you won't have to worry about what it takes to kayak in Orlando.

We believe that connecting intimately with the natural world through immersive outdoor adventures not only educate and inspire but also fosters a deep sense of responsibility to protect and preserve our environment for current and future generations.

We're passionate about sharing this experience with all of our customers, so we have created experiences that will allow you to get close to nature in an intimate way. Our team is committed to your safety, comfort, and enjoyment while on our trips.

When it comes to our kayak and stand-up paddle board (SUP) lessons, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our kayak and SUP instructors, certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA) and British Canoeing, embody our dedication to providing top-notch training experiences. Their stringent qualifications ensure that your kayak and SUP lessons are not just educational but also safe and enjoyable. Whether you're mastering the art of kayaking or honing your skills in the world of SUP, our certified instructors are your guides to a seamless and enriching learning journey. So, you can dive into these aquatic activities with confidence, knowing you're under the expert guidance of our certified professionals.


Our tours never disappoint when nature lovers come looking for adventure. You'll discover hard-to-reach locations full of jungle-like landscapes that will make you feel a million miles away from th...

Our tours never disappoint when nature lovers come looking for adventure. You'll discover hard-to-reach locations full of jungle-like landscapes that will make you feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the amusement parks in Orlando. Glide along still waters in the midst of the stunning Emerald Cut, the most beautiful section of Rock Springs Run, explore the storybook-like whimsy of Lake Norris, get up close with lovable manatees on our Manatee Discovery tour, and even embark on a nighttime journey to discover bioluminescent wonders in the dark!


Because we keep our tour groups small, you get to enjoy a more intimate experience in the wild. Every tour aims to take visitors deep into the Orlando area's natural habitats, leaving the city's hu...

Because we keep our tour groups small, you get to enjoy a more intimate experience in the wild. Every tour aims to take visitors deep into the Orlando area's natural habitats, leaving the city's hustle and bustle behind so you can truly feel one with nature. Our professional guides will take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy. Whether you're in a kayak gliding through still waters or following along a nature trail we offer some of the most immersive experiences around.


Each guide on our team is trained professionally by experts in the field, so you can rely on your tour guide to not only know the best way to navigate the trails and crystal clear waters you'll enc...

Each guide on our team is trained professionally by experts in the field, so you can rely on your tour guide to not only know the best way to navigate the trails and crystal clear waters you'll encounter in the wild but they'll also have the knowledge required to answer your burning questions about the ecosystem, wildlife, and other information about the area. Our guides will even snap pictures for you to commemorate your experience in nature.


Orlando, Florida Is A Paradise Like No Other

Orlando is a truly special location in the United States with a blissfully humid subtropical climate nature lovers flock to in the winter months. Not only does the nearly year-round pleasant weather make Orlando a unique location to visit, but you'll find some of the most delicious Cuban cuisines, world-famous theme parks, and unbeatable shopping malls.

There are also kayaking tours and hiking trails that leave a lasting impression on visitors looking for something more adventurous to do in the area. Whether you decide to rent some kayaks for a day on crystal clear water or embark on a hike on one of the many hiking or nature trails in the area, you're sure to capture some of the most stunning sights of the lush Florida backcountry and exotic wildlife.

Blue Spring State Park is located in Greater Orlando and is considered one of the most significant winter homes for manatees across the globe. Looking for other wildlife like wild turkey, gopher tortoise, or white-tailed deer? Head to Silver Springs State Park to find these and all the other critters who call the park home.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Wear comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing, and consider a swimsuit or quick-dry shorts. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and water shoes or sandals with a secure strap.

Yes, kayak tours are generally safe when conducted by experienced guides. They provide safety instructions and equipment. Always follow their guidance and wear a life jacket.

While wildlife sightings are common, they can't be guaranteed. Guides do their best to maximize your chances of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

Many kayak lesson providers offer lessons for children and families. The minimum age may vary, so check with the provider for specific age requirements.

The difficulty of hikes varies, so there are options suitable for all fitness levels. Guides can recommend hikes that match your physical abilities.

Essential items include sturdy hiking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, a backpack, water, snacks, a map, and a first-aid kit. Follow your guide's recommendations.

Yes, many guided hikes are family-friendly. Guides can adjust the pace and route to accommodate children and ensure safety.

Our guides do accept tips, and they are greatly appreciated. Tipping is left up to the individual, but as a general practice, 15%-20% of the trip cost is the common gratuity in Orlando.


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